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Gaming has become a great trend these days and if this can be done on a mobile phone, what more would one want? Well in this blog we are going to discuss some of the top 5 phone that are for gaming. A few questions in this blog being answered are: Are gaming phones worth it? Or which is the best phone for PUBG? Questions like these will be briefly answered in this blog. So, let’s begin.

1) Xiaomi Black Shark 3

The first phone we are going to discuss in this blog is the Xiaomi Black Shark 3 and it has been placed the first in this list. Launched on March 6 2020.

It has been placed the best gaming phone according to our criteria in this list. This phone comes with a great 6.67 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen which would be great because the larger the screen, the better the gaming experience and better the resolution. It also comes with a great Android 10 operating system which would be supported by many games at the moment and many more future games to come. This mobile phone comes with an octa core CPU (8GB Ram).This mobile also supports different rams for different storages like for the 128 GB storage there comes 8GB Ram and the 12 GB Ram and for the 256 GB comes the 12 GB Ram as well. This would prove to be a great positive point for this phone as the larger the RAM, the smoother the game would run. For example let’s take PUBG mobile, the Snapdragon 865 RAM would ensure that the game runs smoothly on this phone without any frame loss and lag. This not only is for this game but for many other games as well.

The screen resolution is 1080×2400 pixels which is also great for gaming as it would provide the best gaming experience one would ever face on a gaming phone. The memory storage for this phone is of 3 categories: (i) 128 GB (8GB ram) (ii) 128 GB (12 GB Ram) (iii) 256 GB (12 GB Ram). These are also great for the gaming purposes as the larger the storage , the more games one can install and the better the games run making this the ideal phone for gaming. This phone also comes with a 4720 mAh Lithium battery which is non removable. This 4720 mAh battery is also another positive feature for this phone as this would ensure that he user has the longest gaming experience possible. This phone is also really slim and does not weigh much i.e. it has a thickness of 10.4 mm which isn’t that thick and also weighs 222 grams. The total price for this phone is 1945 AED.

Is this phone really worth it?

Considering the all the above specifications we can say that this phone would ensure that the user has the best gaming experience possible. This is also the best possible phone under 10000 AED and would also prove the best phone for games like PUBG mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, and PES 2020 etc. So, in the end I can safely say that this phone is actually worth the purchase and one would not regret buying this phone.

Why have I placed this phone as number 1?

The reason for me placing this phone at number 1 is because

  1. The RAM it supports would ensure that this phone would be the best gaming phone
  2. The Battery that it supports also makes sure that it is the best possible phone out there
  3. It has a cheap price of 1945 AED

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2) Huawei P30 pro

Coming in at number 2 is the Huawei P30 pro. This is another phone which proves to be one of the best mobile phones for gaming. Released March 26, 2019, this phone comes with a 6.47 inch OLED capacitive touchscreen which will also prove to be a classic for gaming. The bigger the screen the better the gaming experience! The resolution for this mobile phone are 1080×2340 pixels which would also ensure that this phone also provides a gaming experience one would enjoy. This would mean that the gaming experience would also be in full HD mode. This means that the resolution would also ensure that this phone is worth buying and thus making it one of the best with regards to gaming.

This mobile phone also comes with an Android 9.0 which is upgrade-able to Android 10.0 which means that it will again be supportive of most of the games right now and most of the games in the near future as well. This proves to also be another positive for this mobile phone. Once again this phone comes with an octa core Ram which means that this will also have an 8GB Ram. 8GB Ram means that the games will once again run without any stoppages also without any frame loss. This would also ensure that there is the minimum lag inside the game.

Once again this phone comes with multiple internal storage options which are mentioned below: (i) 128 GB (6GB Ram) (ii) 128 GB (8GB Ram) (iii) 256 GB (8GB Ram) (iv) 512 GB (8GB Ram). These are also great for the gaming purposes as the larger the storage , the more games one can install and the better the games run making this the ideal phone for gaming. This phone also comes with a non-removable 4200 mAh battery which would once again prove to be really good as this can also ensure that the user has a good and lengthy gaming experience. This phone also isn’t that costly as it only costs the total sum of 3399 AED.

Is this phone really worth it?

Well, looking at the specifications above we can clearly see why it has been placed at the number 2 spot as this phone has almost all of the features one would require for gaming. Starting from the size of the screen, the resolution the battery and the storage. This phone proves to be a complete package.

Why have I placed this phone at the number 2 spot?

The reason for placing this mobile at the number 2 spot was for the following reasons:

  • This phone doesn’t have as good specifications as Xiaomi phone
  • The size of the screen
  • The resolution
  • The battery

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3) Apple Iphone 11 Pro

Well, who doesn’t love an iPhone? And when it’s the Iphone 11 pro. Everyone would love it. People love apple devices for many different reasons but we are here to discuss why people love this phone for its gaming. Released 20th September 2019, this phone comes with a 5.8 inches super retina XDR Oled capacitive touchscreen. The screen may look small but let me assure you that it would not lack behind in the gaming experience it would provide you. This phone provides a resolution of 1125×2436 pixels which is not only better than HD but it will provide a 4K experience to its users.  4K experience means that the games would be able to run with almost realistic graphics providing users with almost a real time experience to their game. Thus, the better the resolution the better the experience and the better performance of the game. Next comes the operating system.

The iPhone 11 pro comes with an iOS of 13 which can be upgraded to iOS 13.5. This iOS not only provides security to the data of the users but also provides support to many different games including PUBG mobile, Call of Duty, Fortnite Mobile etc. The core of this mobile is hexa-core i.e. it provides a 6GB RAM.

Although this may not be as much as the previous mobile phones but we can assure you that this would also provide the smoothest gaming performance without any frame loss or lag. So, 6GB Ram would also ensure the great gaming experience. Next comes the internal memory. The internal memory for this mobile is as follows: (i) 64GB (4GB Ram) (ii) 256 GB (4GB Ram) (iii) 512 GB (4GB Ram). This means that the greater amount of memory means that the more games one can install on his or her mobile phone and the smoother the game will run. The battery is 3046mAh which although isn’t that much but it will surely provide a great and lengthy gaming experience for the users. Finally the price of this phone is 4639 AED.

Is it worth it?

Considering the specifications moving through the resolution, the screen size, their battery and the operating system. It is completely worth it to buy the mobile phone with also considering the price for this mobile. So, yes it is completely worth it.

Why have I placed this phone at Number 3?

I have placed this phone at number 3 for multiple reasons:

  • Its specifications aren’t as good as the other 2.
  • The overall result is neither as good the other 2.

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4) Asus Rog Phone II

  Coming up is the Asus Classic! The Rog phone II. This has been placed at the number 4 spot for out top 10 list. Released September 2019. This phone comes with the state of the art 6.59 inches AmoLED capacitive touchscreen. Like we have mentioned before that the greater the size of the screen the better the gaming experience and overall game. This phone has the resolution of 1080×2340. This makes the gaming experience an HD one. Looking at this resolution we can say that the Asus phone would provide its users with such an experience that the users won’t forget it as it would be an HD one. It comes with an operating system of Android 9.0 and Rog UI.

This android may not be compatible with many upcoming games but it sure is compatible with past games. This makes sure that the past games are working up to the mark and there is no issue with these games.  The snapdragon 855+ chipset ensures the smoothness of the games as well. This phone comes with an octa core CPU which means that it will have an 8GB Ram. This 8GB ram ensures that the gaming experience of this phone is smooth without any form of lag whatsoever and without any frame loss too. Therefore this would also provide a great gaming experience for its users too. The internal storages for these mobile phones are as follows : 128GB 8GB RAM, 256GB 12GB RAM, 512GB 12GB RAM, 1TB 12GB RAM. These multiple storages for this mobile phone once again make it the perfect mobile phone for the perfect gaming experience. This once again means the larger the storage the more amount of games one can install and the better the overall performance of the game.

The best part is that this phone supports upto 1 TB of internal memory which is incredible because at first it is 1000 GB and it also supports 8Gb RAM with this . This is therefore proving to be one of the greats and a great competitor for the number 4 position. It cones with a non removeable 6000 mAh battery . This is the best strength for a battery we have so far seen in this list. The 6000 mAh battery would give the user a long lasting gaming experience. One the user hasn’t been able to get in the past. Thus making it the perfect competitor for the number 4 spot.Finally this phone comes in the total price of 1843 AED.

Is it worth it?

Well, looking at the overall specifications of the phone we can cleary say that this phone is worth buying  because of the battery and the internal storage too.

Why have I placed it here?

This phone has been placed at the number 4 position because its operating system isn’t as good as all the other ones . Also , the price is also a bit too high so we have placed it at number 4.

5) One plus 7 pro

Finally we come with this phone. The One plus 7 pro.  Released on 16th May 2019, this phone comes with a 6.67 inch fluid Amoled display. The 6.67 inch would make a perfect display for the gamers to enjoy their experience because this size was the perfect size for them to do so. The resolution of this phone is 1440×3120 pixels. This would provide an HD+ display for the users of this phone. Speaking from a gaming point of view, this phone would provide the perfect real time experience for the users of this game. The operating system being provided here is the Android 9.0 which would also be supported by the Oxygen OS (10.0.5).

These would support previous games and would barely support the new updates or new games of any sort. The snapdragon ensures that this phone makes the games run as smoothly as possible. As they wouldn’t be as smooth as the other ones but they would be smooth enough to make the gamers enjoy their experience. The CPU of this mobile is octa core meaning that this phone supports the 8GB RAM and would also ensure that the games run smooth without any frame-loss or error. Once again this phone also has multiple supports for the memory . These are : (i)  128 GB (6GB RAM) (ii) 256 GB (8GB RAM) (iii) 256 GB (12 GB RAM).

The greater the size of internal storage on the phone the better the game performance and greater the amount of games one can install on them . So this also proves to be a positive point for the phone and thus making it a good competitor for its position. The battery comes with a 4000 mAh power which is non removeable. The power may not be as much but it serves best with many of the games and thus making it quite adequate for its job . Therefore this phone also proves to be a package for the gamers experience. Finally , the price of this phone is 2500 AED.

Is it worth it?

Once again looking at the overall specifications for this mobile phone and its price we can say that the price and the specifications fit accordingly and it is also a budget phone. Being a budget phone it will provide the users with quality gaming experience in the limited amount of money possible . So, it is completely worth it to buy this mobile phone.

Why is It placed at this position?

There are many different reasons for placing this mobile phone at this position . One of the main reasons being the overall specifications not being as good as the above 4. Mainly , due to the fact that this phone provides a quality experience but the other phones provide better. But still if we consider its specifications , it will make the perfect competitor for its position.

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So , now we hope that you understand the blog and hopefully it has helped you in deciding for a phone . With warm regards this is UAE electronics signing off.


By Taimour Taj Shami

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