Top 5 Laptops in 2020

In the latest years and also during this ongoing pandemic, laptops have become a necessary requirement. Below I have listed the Top 5 best laptops in which I will discuss the best laptops you can purchase while remaining in budget. So, let’s get started!

1) Asus Vivobook S15

The laptop placed first according to our standards is the Asus Vivobook S15. This laptop can also be termed as the best laptop for most people. Well , take off your boring suit and show your colors! That’s the philosophy behind the Asus VivoBook S15, a uniquely colorful laptop that scoffs at its stuffy, buttoned-up rivals. With a flashy green-and-orange colorway and innovative secondary screen, the VivoBook S15 is an appealing laptop on the surface. But how does it hold up as a device made for students and young adults? It’s a mixed bag. This laptop isn’t a productivity powerhouse, but this doesn’t mean that it has to be . It performs relatively closer to ( or better than) machines that are much more expensive. If you are just a daily driver that functions in place of a desktop , is travel-friendly and won’t break the bank , the vivo s15 is the best laptop for you this year. It is given an editors choice rating of 4.5 out out 5 which means that most people who have bought it are almost somewhat satisfied with its performance. Starting at only a low of $699.99 you can easily purchase this laptop from Below I have listed some Pros and Cons of this Laptop:


  • Great value for feature set
  • Snappy and Eye catchy performance for the price
  • Stylish , slim design with multiple color options
  • Long battery life
  • Strong port selection and useful extras(fingerprint reader , microSD slot)


  • One component configuration only

This laptop comes with an outstanding Intel Core i-5 -10210U processor which means that it is a 10th generation laptop. This processor ensures the completely smooth user experience in day to day computing tasks and also it provides a decent solution for heavier duties like video editing and professional photo editing.The processor speed is 1.6 GHz which is relatively fast and quick. The tested RAM size is 8GB . The Boot Driver type is SSD and the tested boot drive capacity is 512 GB. This laptop comes with a large 15.6 inches screen on which work would delightly be done.

The Native Display Resolution is 1920×1080 pixles which means that it would provide an HD display of visuals on the screen. It comes with the builtin graphics processor of Intel UHD graphics which would support only lighter gaming and more of office work over heavier gaming itself. This laptop is supported by Bluetooth , and wifi networking of 802.11ax(Wifi 6) . This laptop is also relatively lighter in wight as it weighs only 3.97 lbs. The built-in operating system if windows 10 home. And finally the tested battery life for this laptop is 15 hours and 45 minutes on Standby.

Therefore, the asus vivo S15 is not only an excellent value for the price but an excellent laptop all around. We found lots of love about this sleek , affordable notebook for every day users.

What are the Reasons to Buy this Laptop?

  • Vivid 15.6 inch screen
  • Light weight at just 1.8kg
  • Attractive price point

Best Deals: USD $699.77

2. Dell XPS 13 (2020)

Next comes the new Dell XPS 13. This laptop was released in 2019. It can be termed as the best premium laptop. This laptop comes outfitted with Intel’s latest 10th Gen processors making it an even speedier multi – tasking machine for browsing the web, getting some work done and light gaming too. Along with the processors this laptop comes with the signature Infinity-Edge display which now supports a trimmed bottom bezel that makes watching movies and shows even more immersive.

This laptop currently starts at a premium $1249 which gets us a 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G1 CPU,8GB of Ram and a 256 GB SSD, a 13.4 inch 1920×1200 display. There are many different prices for this laptop all coming with different specifications. If you are on a tight budget Dell still sells its previous version of the XPS series that came out In 2019 starting at $829. This version will get you the 10th Gen core i5 processor , 4GB Ram and 128GB SSD. But the negative aspect is that you will have to sacrifice the more immersive screen and other designs for the 2020 XPS 13.

The Dell XPS 13 2020 makes small but welcomed improvements to the most attractive laptop design out there. With a feathery 2.8 – pound aluminum construction and thin 0.58 inch edges. Dell has also finally managed to replace the old Nosecam with the new webcam at the top bezel. It also comes with a twin coil hinge that makes the laptop easy to open with one hand while avoiding any unsightly bulk near the bottom of the display.

In addition to this the laptop packs two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports for charging and connecting to USB-C accessories. But beyond that , you get a microSD reader and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Dell does include a USB-C and a USB-A adapter in the box, which is useful for folks who need to connect legacy peripherals. But if you are looking to connect a variety of external add ons its better to connect a USB dock for it.

The display also chops off the chunky botton bezel from previous models for a truly 4-sided 13.4 inch Infinity Edge display that packs up to a massive 91.5% screen to body ratio.

The 1080p configuration of the XPS 13 turned in an impressive average brightness of 417 nits and thus outshining both the Macbook Air (386nits) and the Dragonfly(373 nits). However the 4K model is notably dimmer than both the 1080p version and the competition , producing just 301 nits.

Finally if we talk about the performance of this laptop so it includes the latest 10th Gen processors, including the speedy Core i7-1065G7 U series chip . This laptop gives a strong 4847 on the Geekbench 5 general performance test which nearly doubles the one found in MacBook air . PC games at high settings is a no-go on this laptop but the mainstream’s Intel iris plus graphics still can handle the more basic titles and play nice with integrated graphics

Reasons to Buy:

  • It’s beautiful design
  • It is a hardware powerhouse
  • It has a luxorius 4K screen

Best Deal USD $1079

3. HP Stream 14

Coming in at number 3 is the HP Stream 14 .This can be termed as the best budget laptop.The title of ‘budget laptop’ has been assigned to this because it is among those laptops which fall under most people’s budgets . Starting at only US$209.99 this laptop gives most features while remaining in the budget. A low price on a laptop can make up for a lot of shortcomings i.e. as long as these short comings don’t interfere with you getting stuff done. As long as you don’t leap too far beyond watching YouTube clips ,sending emails and using web apps you’re good to go.

The 14-inch body is thin and its light at about 3 pounds(1.4kg) , but if you were hoping for something smaller , HP makes an 11.6 inch Stream for almost $20 or less. It has the same components as the 14 but only one less USB 3.1 port and a microSD card slot instead of the 14’s full size slot.

Overall the Stream is a nice looking laptop with a bright blue color on the exterior as well as the interior. The only thing that separates both is the white keyboard that shines on the inside. With its meager 32GB of storage — only about half of which is available to use — it’s nice HP didn’t skimp on expansion options. An SD card fits almost entirely in the slot, too, so you could easily leave a card in there for files and applications.

You can, of course, use those ports for a keyboard and mouse to avoid the laptop’s touchpad and keyboard. The latter isn’t altogether unpleasant, but there’s very little travel and the keys feel thin and flimsy like they might pop off or stop working if you type too hard. The touchpad is generally OK, but I recommend shutting off most of the multitouch options like pinch-to-zoom and turning up the palm rejection setting.

If you’re hooking up a keyboard and mouse, though, you might as well connect a monitor as well. The laptop’s screen looks washed out, colors are off and I found myself constantly adjusting the angle in a futile attempt to make it look better. You know what worked? Outputting to a full HD display via HDMI.

The Stream’s advantage over similarly priced and configured Chromebooks is that it’s running on Windows 10, so you’re not locked into Google’s web-based OS. You can install software like Apple’s iTunes, Microsoft’s Office or Minecraft. The same goes for hardware drivers for mice, keyboards and printers. Oh, and you can use Microsoft’s Edge browser or install whatever other browser you want to use including Chrome.

That’s not to say you can install and run any Windows software you want on it. It simply doesn’t have the processor power or memory to drive anything too demanding. It even struggled with Chrome once it had a half a dozen tabs open (Edge performance was better, though).

While the performance might not blow you away, the battery life is impressive: The Stream 14 ran for 8 hours on our online streaming test. For more simple tasks like word processing, you should be able to hit more than 9 hours.

With the Stream 14, HP once again shows that a Windows laptop for email and online apps can be attractive and inexpensive. It has its issues, but it’s $220 and that’s hard to argue with.

Reasons to buy:

  • Incredibly low price point
  • Stylish and Light
  • Long-lasting battery

Best Deal: US$209.99

4. Apple MacBook Air (2020)

Coming in at number 4 is the apple MacBook air 2020. The title given to this laptop is “the best laptop for most Apple fans “. The 2020 Apple MacBook Air has an amazing design, great keyboard, a best in class trackpad, and plenty else to love. It’s not for the power hungry. But it makes for an amazing experience when you favor general quality over raw performance. It will do well for most people unless you require some real brawn. Starting at a massive $999 positioning this laptop in a very competitive space.It will be going against some capable machines including Asus Zephyrus, Microsoft Surface laptop 3 and the Dell XPS 13. At its base configuration the MacBook Air comes with a 10th generation Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of internal storage. Many will argue competitors can sweep and mop the floors with the MacBook Air. And while this can be a valid argument, we must keep in mind Apple has a different business philosophy and target audience.

The average Joe who wants to type a document here and there could get other affordable laptops and Chromebooks for very casual use. The MacBook Air is for students, moms, dads, and other general users who are more demanding in their computing needs.The simplest way to put it is that a MacBook Air would be best for heavy users who don’t necessarily need too much power. This could include anyone who spends enough time working from a computer to justify paying a premium for an overall better experience.

The design of this apply Macbook Air comes with 11.97×8.36×0.16-0.63 inches and weighs a heavy 1.27 kg (2.8lbs). It contains a solid aluminum body and has a really large glass trackpad. Along with this the MacBook comes with Two thunderbolt 3 USB type –C ports as well as a 3.5mm headset jack.  The 2020 MacBook looks nearly identical to all previous MacBook Air’s, but it’s a good thing Apple took the “if it aint broke don’t fix it” approach. That’s because design is what mostly differenciates it from competition . The MacBook Air’s iconic design stands the test of time, and competitors find it worthy of imitation.

The aluminum unibody is solid and offers a premium feel that can’t be matched by plastic. While it can catch some smudges, it’s less of a fingerprint magnet thanks to the brushed texture.The screen’s hinge has good resistance, though it can’t be lifted without holding the bottom part. Build quality is outstanding. And while I miss the light-up Apple logo, it’s a gimmick we can live without. Some might even prefer the more minimalist mirrored emblem.

The display of this laptop comes with a 13.3-inch LED display displaying 2560×1600 pixels on the screen. 2560×1600 pixels means that we are viewing the screen in HD+. The display also comes with a 227 ppi and has a 16:10 aspect ratio. Apple is often praised for its displays , but I will go against the current and tell you there are better options out there. Yes, the 2560×1600 resolution offers “Retina” quality and everything is pretty shard at 227 pixels per inch, but any display will tell you resolution is only one part of a good display. This laptop tops off at about 400 nits , which is good , but not outstanding by today’s standards. And as you can see the image above, the screen is very hard to use outdoors. The 13-inch MacBook Air doesn’t reach the DCI-P3 wide color gamut, while the MacBook pro 13 does. Some competitors surpass it . This means those really care about color accuracy may want to look elsewhere for something that gets closer to the DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB color spaces.

Finally if we talk about the performance of the laptop. This laptop comes with a 10th generation Intel Core i3 processor. Although this processor seems somewhat old but let me assure you that this isn’t going to disappoint. It also comes with a support of Intel iris plus GPU (eGPU support). This also supports a relatively large 8GB LPDDR4X RAM which would ensure that we are getting a smoother output on the LCD . Finally the SSD is 256 GB which is also huge.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Incredibly Quick
  • New Keyboard
  • Bigger Storage
  • Luxe Design

Best Deal: $1049.94

5. LG GRAM 17

Finally at number 5 comes the LG GRAM 17. The title given to this laptop is “The best 17-inch laptop, unless you’re a gamer”. The new 2020 version of the LG Gram 17 is an impressive laptop on so many levels, not least with that gorgeous 17-inch , 2560×1800 pixel screen . You also get some up to date Intel processors and plenty of RAM and SSD storage space if you’re willing to pay for it – it’s capable of taking on most tasks with aplomb.   

            Despite the large screen , this is an incredible light and thin portable computer . It’s the sort of laptop that you’ll barely notice you’ve got in your bag, and when you pick it up, it feels as though there are some key components missing. Everything from the metal alloy finish to the back-lighting on the keys Is well judged and well done. The integrated graphics card is perhaps the only weak spot in what is otherwise a very appealing laptop. As long as you’re not doing any gaming or any heavy editing, it’ll serve you well.

            The panel has a 2560×1600 resolution with 16:10 aspect ratio. So, not only is it wide but we also get an extra bit of vertical space compared to many popular laptops. Using the LG Gram 17  feels more similar to using a desktop than it does a 13-inch 16:9 screen. It’s a ton of space. I pretty much always had two (or even three) things open at once and never had to zoom out. It’s also a nice-looking panel. There’s a bit of glare, but I had no trouble working in bright environments with the screen around medium brightness. Colors looked great (the Gram covers 99 percent of the sRGB gamut and 74 percent of AdobeRGB), and details were crisp. Videos are, of course, massive. I watched half an episode of Dark on the Gram, and the characters looked miniature when I finished on a 13-inch device.

It’s not a perfect display, of course. There was some ghosting in action scenes, and it was visible enough that I would probably not want to play games on the Gram 17. (Of course, it doesn’t have the horsepower to be a gaming rig anyway. More on that later.) It’s also not the brightest screen out there; it reached 369 nits at max brightness. That’s enough for indoor browsing, but you’ll likely want something brighter if you plan on doing any creative work outside or near a bright window. The MacBook Pro 16 and the Dell XPS 17 both get up to 500 nits. And there’s no touch support — an omission that’s understandable (touchscreens come with a serious weight penalty) but still disappointing at a $1,699 price point. I sometimes thought the Gram’s panel was too big. When I worked in a full-screen Google Doc, there was so much emptiness on each side that I felt like I was wasting space. That’s, again, a reason to strongly consider whether you need this sort of machine. If you’re not often working in split-screen mode, you’ll likely be leaving some of the panel unused — and at that point, you can get any number of 15- and 16-inch models for a lower price.

            You aren’t sacrificing portability for that screen space, though — not even close. At 2.98 pounds, the Gram 17 is astonishingly light for its size. It’s a feather compared to the MacBook Pro 16 (4.3 pounds), the Dell XPS 17 (4.65 pounds), and the HP Envy 17 (6.02 pounds). But it’s also lighter than many smaller computers, including the Dell XPS 15 (4 pounds), the 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 (3.4 pounds), and the HP Spectre x360 15 (4.64 pounds). I think the massive chassis (14.98 x 10.34 x 0.69 inches) makes the Gram feel lighter than it is because you expect it to weigh more. Carrying it feels like carrying nothing. Battery life is exceptional. The 2020 Gram comes with an 80Wh battery (last year’s was 72Wh), and I got 10 hours out of it. (I ran the machine through my workload of around a dozen Chrome tabs, Slack, some Zoom calls, and occasional YouTube or Spotify streaming, at 200 nits of brightness on the Better Battery profile.) That’s better than I’ve gotten from the MacBook Pro, the XPS 15, and just about any other laptop of this size. (The included 48W charger takes a while to juice the Gram up, though. In an hour, it only charged the battery 37 percent.)

            The Gram 17 will get the job done for most people who are just browsing. I loaded up dozens of Chrome tabs with no problem and only saw slowdown if there were multiple downloads running or files being copied in the background. The chassis stayed a comfortable temperature during my daily use, and I only heard the fans or felt serious heat under very heavy loads. I looped Cinebench R20 five times, and the CPU stayed consistently in the mid-80s, never passing 90 degrees Celsius.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Fantastic 17-inch screen
  • Lightweight , Stylish Design
  • Plenty of battery life

Best Deal: USD $1646.99

So, in the end we can clearly say that selection of what laptop to buy is never easy. We at UAE electronics hope that this blog has helped you enough so that you can make the purchase of the selected laptop. On Behalf of UAE electronics , I Taimour Taj Shami is now signing off. Good day!

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